S.P.M. s.r.l.


S.P.M. S.r.l. was born in february 1988.The realisation of special modules for semiconductor manufacturers is our aim, with particular interest in chemical automatic distribution, filtering and batching at Point of Use.

SPM Service and Research S.r.l. was born in May 2000. It is specialised in service at customers' site and in studying new technologies.

SPM, acronym of Special Plastic Module for semiconductor industry, is an Italian company engaged to provide help to semiconductor and solar cell industries, universities, medical , chemical and research labs.

Combining expertise and latest technology with extreme cleanness, SPM obtain some of the most highly qualified equipment performances.

SPM has 25 YEARS of experience in this sector and is every day up to date spending much time founding new technology and innovative solutions to perform better things at lower possible costs.

The company spirit is to build machines perceiving real needing, to completely satisfy our customers.

We offer interesting equipment at elevated technological level, projected according to a modular philosophy, to satisfy every clients requirements.We always propose customerized solutions, as for instance wet processes ( rising, etching and resist removal ), tube cleaning, etc.

Many of our projects were realised in co-operation with user's engineers: they explain their problems and specifications, and we do our best to satisfy any possible request. Moreover, we offer our assistance either during project phase, or realisation and installation.

We can also warrant ad adeguate service, and we often propose special agreements to our clients for equipment maintenance.

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