SPM Service and Research

In case you need SPM assistance, please refer to our main office, where we also store spare parts:
Via Galileo Galilei, 8 – 20876 Ornago (MB) ITALY.

Telephone numbers:
+39 039.6010152
+39 039.6010200
Fax: +39 039.6011434

e-mail address:

You can contact us for any inconvenience, also after warranty expiration. SPM service will include:
• Telephone guidance
• Definition of the intervention under warranty or/and at payment
• Service at customer’s site

In case of problems and/or break downs it’s very important to specify:
• Equipment model
• Purchase date
• Serial number
• Detailed indications about the problem that you have with the machine

Preventive Maintenance
To warrant equipment perfect efficiency, we suggest to make a preventive maintenance by S.P.M. engineers, at least once a year. This will surely extend equipment life, and will probably avoid unpleasant machine downs. In case you want, you can make a special contract with S.P.M. for a maintenance program, to reduce costs and to keep the equipment in perfect conditions.

Remote Assistance
We can provide our equipment with an industrial VPN router in order to establish a remote connection that permit to us to check and modify PLC software.
This links is totally secure, in fact is based on a encrypted OpenVPN (SSL 128bit).

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