Chemical Delivery systems

CDS – Chemical Distribution systems can be realized in different versions according to customer needs and chemical type. For solvents we normally adopt stainless steel materials according with safety rules in term of anti-fire protection. With Acids-Bases we use specific corrosion resistant plastics materials. In both case we use just high performance material that guaranteed no chemical contamination or degradation.

SPM CDS can be realized in order to distribute chemicals into the fab starting from 1000 liters IBC containers, 200 liters drums, canisters and bottles with different capacity.

We normally install redundant pumps in order to guaranteed the continous distribution to point of use even with one pump fault.

Basic system is composed with a drum/IBC housing and a pump that distribute directly from it without any reserve of chemical. For increase reserve and to avoid non stop during drum/IBC changing we install a day tank and or a second drum/IBC housing.

Basic system is just composed with buttons and led for indications. Normally we provide a touch screen that permit to have the full control of the CDS. Is it possible also to provide one unique touch screen that controls more CDS remotely. We can provide also supervision software connected to your network.

PLC control entire function of the CDS. From the touch screen is possible to check the status of the system, change settings and do maintenance operations. All CDS are provided with emergency button controlled by safety relays.

We can build our equipment referring to ATEX rules. In this case we will use only pneumatic and/or certified components.

We can provide the full distribution implant supervision software fully customizable with your needs, with multiple access stations developed with Wonderware Intouch.

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