Full process deflashing equipments

SPM manufactures Deflashing equipments in different version according with customer requirements.
We realize various types of tools from chemical only processing to full automatic deflahing including hi-pressure waterjet pump.

Automatic Deflashing equipments can be realized in different versions according to customer needs. We normally adopt stainless steel materials according with safety rules in term of anti-fire protection.
We can provide full support to dialogue with CDS, provide integrated filling system from bottle, canisters and custom buffer tanks. Manual filling is also possible.
If necessary we can provide different types of automatic dosing system that permit to create personal mixture of chemicals. With that systems is possible to pratice spikes with different percentuage directly from touch screen with extremely high precision.

Chemical on-line dosing
• On-Site-Mixing
• Batching
• Spiking
• Overflow control
• Process basin / recipe preparation
• Automated / reproducible
• Complete, integrated dosing process control system

• Process monitoring also in very dynamic flow situations
• Controlling of specified plant consumption values
• Measurement of consumption values as a basis for the logistics of inventories

Resistivity Meter
We can provide rinses tanks with resistivity meter in order to mesure H2ODI quality and determine if all chemical traces has been removed.

Solution recirculation
We can install different types of pumps according with chemical and process charaterization/necessity. It’s possible to install pressure and flow sensor to monitor pump and understand filter lifetime and pumps problems. Stroke counter sensor/ internal leaks are also available for diaphragm pumps.

We normally install air operated and manual valves. We use diaphragm, ball and butterfly valves according to needed flow/pressure and chemical characterization. For high purity we install metal free valve that are completely realized in plastic material.

General Control
Our Automatic Deflashing equipments are ruled by PLC. Robot movements are ensured by servo-controlled motor. HMI interface is composed by a Omron o.s. proprietary touch screen or optionally by an industrial pc with touch screen that permit a more powerful and flexible software.
PLC control entire function of the equipment. From the touch screen is possible to check the status of the system, change settings and do maintenance operations. All equipments are provided with emergency buttons managed by safety relays.

We can build our equipment referring to ATEX rules. In this case we will use only pneumatic and/or certified components.

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