Equipment management

The automatic wet bench is ruled by a PLC that manage all equipment functions.
Recipes can be programmed and memorised on-line; moreover, they can be modified at Touch Screen. Each set recipe sticks to all parameters indicated in customer’s specifications: type of process, temperatures, times, etc.
Visualization of automatic information for solution replacement according to processed lots.
Eventual recipe / solution modifications are made via software, according to run number, or to utilization hours (to be agreed).
The equipment is ruled by an industrial Computer, with integrated touch screen monitor 15”.

HMI software is developed using SCADA InTouch Wonderware program.
InTouch is well-known and has an excellent reputation. The actual Human Machine Interface (HMI) had as pioneer Wonderware InTouch that is present in the market for over 20 years. No HMI solution is comparable to the InTouch software in terms of innovation, toughness, devices integration and connection, migration path from existing software versions and user friendly.
Possibility to require the addition of Wonderware HMI Report; this software allows the periodic and automatic generation some reports (PDF or Excel) and to publish them in a server web, to make them readable in the web.

The software is fully tailorable, according to customer’s specifications. SPM proposes the base software that has been developed for years; on customer’s request there is the possibility to add / modify its features. The software was conceived to warrant great simplicity of use. Pages have push buttons with specific icons, to help users to memorize all operations. Possibility to require the multi-language version, to simplify interaction.

On customer’s request, the machine can be interfaced with the SECS-GEM protocol.

Economic alternative to industrial pc: OMRON touch screen with proprietary O.S.

SPM suggests equipping the equipment with an industrial LAN router eWon, for a VPN realisation. This device creates a secure VPN connection between the customer’s company and SPM. The router has a WAN port and, when an internet access is activated, SPM engineers can do remote assistance, visualising and interacting by VNC with the pc, while directly monitoring the PLC. The machine problem solving, and/or the modification of a setting will be quicker and safer.

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